How to Identify Fake Milk: learn here and identify real and fake milk.

How to Identify Fake Milk: distinguish real and fake milk
How to Identify Fake Milk: distinguish real and fake milk

How to Identify Fake Milk: Many times animal owners mix water in milk to get more profit. Mixing water in milk does not have any bad effect on our health, but apart from water, these days there are reports of adulteration of some harmful substances in milk. These include urea, soap, detergent, soda, starch, etc.

These substances mixed in fake i.e. synthetic milk are very harmful to our health. Consumption of adulterated milk keeps us at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, skin disease, cancer, etc. Apart from this, bones can also become weak. To avoid these problems, it is very important for all of us to ( Identify Fake Milk ) and differentiate between real and fake milk.

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How to Identify Fake Milk? (how to differentiate between real and fake milk in Hindi)

  1. Fill the milk in a bottle and shake it for some time. When detergent is mixed with milk, it will form a froth. If the foam persists for a long time, then it definitely means that detergent has been mixed in it.
  2. When soap is mixed with milk, it gives a different kind of aroma. Real milk does not smell of soap.
  3. Rubbing milk mixed with soap or detergent gives a greasy feeling.
  4. Fake milk turns yellow when kept for a long time or boiled. Whereas the color of real milk does not change.
  5. Due to the presence of urea in spurious milk, the color of the milk becomes dark yellow.
  6. Slightly bitter in taste due to adulteration of spurious milk. In contrast, real milk is mildly sweet.
  7. Boil turmeric in milk and boil it. Real milk becomes yellow by adding turmeric. Whereas when turmeric is mixed in adulterated milk, it becomes slightly red.

How to identify synthetic milk: Identify Fake Milk

  1. Synthetic milk is considered very harmful to health. Because many things like starch, detergent, urea and soda are used to make it.
  2. Consuming synthetic milk has a bad effect on your liver and kidneys, as well as the problem of food poisoning.
  3. Synthetic milk can also be detected by smell. On smelling milk, if the smell of soap is coming from it, then understand that it is synthetic milk.
  4. After boiling the milk, keep it on a low flame for a while. If the color of the cream appears yellow, then understand that urea and other chemicals have been mixed in it.

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How to identify watery milk

How To identify milk mixed with water, you can put a few drops of milk on a clean object. After this, tilt the object a little, and the drops of milk poured from it will start flowing. If these droplets are flowing in the form of a white streak, then understand that water has not been mixed in the milk.

Identify Fake Milk: Method of detection of milk with detergent

  1. Let us tell you that detergent is used the most in milk. This detergent is very harmful to our liver, kidney as well as hormones. To identify this type of milk, rub some milk in the palm. If the milk is greasy, then detergent has been added, if there is no grease, then it is not adulterated.
  2. Apart from this, drop the milk rapidly from above into half a cup of water. If it foams, then the detergent has been adulterated.
  3. Another way is to identify detergent adulteration in milk. This method requires you to pour 5-10 milligrams of milk into a glass vial or test tube and shake it vigorously. If foam appears, then the detergent has been adulterated.

The colour of real milk does not change (Identify Fake Milk)

Even after keeping real milk for a long time, its color does not change, but fake milk turns yellow in some time. If the milk turns yellow when it is boiled, then it is fake, and if the color has not changed, then the milk is real.

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Identify pure milk from candle

In this method, a glass is filled with milk and a candle is lit. Now hold this glass one foot above the low of the candle. Now see whether the low of the candle is spreading, or long. If the candle is visible long then the milk is real, otherwise, the milk is fake.

Heat milk for a longer time to identify real milk

Real milk can also be identified by heating the milk for a long time. For this, the milk is heated or boiled for a longer time than usual, after which if the cream of yellow colour accumulates in it, then understand that urea and other chemicals have been adulterated in the milk.

How to Identify Fake Milk from turmeric

In this process, a few drops of milk are put in a bowl, and then turmeric is added to it. If the light doesn’t thicken immediately, the milk is not pure.

Real and fake milk (Identify Fake Milk) can also be identified by drinking, if you drink real milk, it will taste sweet, while when you drink fake milk, it is slightly bitter in taste. This kind of taste indicates that detergent and soda have been mixed in the milk.

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Fake Milk Recipe

  1. How to make fake milk, first, mix the easy liquid used for washing wool with refined in a clean vessel. After this, add glucose to it and mix it well for two to four minutes. After this water is added, and finally the fabric is added to make a milk-white colour. In this way, fake milk is ready in just 10 minutes. About 20 litres of fake milk can be mixed with 100 litres of milk.
  2. In this method, shampoo is mixed with about half a litre of refined oil in a large vessel. After this add 500 GM of real milk. A bucket of water and sugar powder is mixed to thicken the milk. Ghee and khoya are obtained from this type of milk as much as from real milk.
  3. In this method, mix refined oil and water chestnut with easy liquid in a vessel. After this, milk powder, baking soda, glucose and a little cardamom water are added.

It was a matter of distinguishing between real and fake milk. If you want similar information about agriculture, mechanization, government scheme, business idea and rural development, then definitely read other articles on this website and share them with others to read as well.

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