How to get Call Detail from any number? call history 2023

Do you also want to know how someone’s call details can be extracted (How to get the call history of any number?) then we will tell you today how you can easily remove the call details of any person. If you have Jio, VI – Vodafone Idea, or Airtel number, then you can do this work.

How to get Call Detail from any number

If you are reading the post, it means that you will also need the information about the call history of any of your numbers, in the process described by us, along with the call history of your mobile number, you will also be able to know about other numbers as well. I will be able to see call details.

If you have Postpaid Sim then you are sent complete Call Details with your Bill and Call Charges but if you do not get this facility in Prepaid Sim there is nothing to worry about, we will tell you the way by which you can call without any hassle. Will be able to check call history online.

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Is it possible to know call history? , Is it possible to get call history of any number

Most people think that it is difficult to get Call Details from Other Numbers (Call details of any number) or their own number and if someone deletes it from their phone then it is impossible but it is not so. Friends, we will tell you such an easy way by which you can easily get any person’s call details. Even if he has deleted the Call History from his phone.

Now the question arises that how can you do this work, then we will tell you to step by step how you will be able to do this work.

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How To Get Call History Of Any Number? , How to get call history of any number?

The process of extracting Call Details is different in all Telecom Companies, in which we will tell you about the method of extracting Call Details of Airtel, VI and Jio. You will have to adopt a different website, app or method only for Jio and Airtel, and Vi for a different website, only then you will be able to do an Online Call History Check for Any Number for free (Call history of mobile number online free)

  • Jio Number Call History
  • Airtel Number Call History
  • VI (Vodafone idea ) Call History

We will tell you to step by step how you will be able to get call details from different telecom companies. How to get call details of any number

How to get call details of jio number?

Extracting Call Detail in Jio Sim is very easy, only you have to follow some small steps, in this you will also be able to download Jio’s Call Details in PDF Format, for this you will have to use Jio’s Official Website or My Jio Application.

Follow the steps given below. We will extract Call History using Jio App.

  • First of all, you have to install My Jio App by going to Playstore, it is not necessary (It is not necessary whether you have that Sim in your phone or not, only you will need the OTP sent to that Jio Number)
  • After the App is installed, you have to enter the number whose details you want to see. Then log in by entering the received OTP.
  • After this scroll down and click on UsageDetails. Or you can go directly to My Statement by clicking on the 3 lines on the side.
Jio Call Details
  • After opening the usage details, go to the Calls Option.
  • After that click on “Do you want to view detailed usage statement” given below.
Call History Of Any Number
  • Then select the date for which you want the detail.
  • Then you will get 3 options Email Statement, Download Statement and View Statement, out of 3 you can choose which option you want to choose, here we are selecting View Option.
Call History Jio
  • After this you will see the details of all calls and SMS.

So now you must have known how to get the call history of jio number.

Check Airtel Number Call Details

In this, you will not be able to check Call History using My Airtel App, but there is nothing to worry, we will tell you an even easier way by which you will be able to extract Call Detail or airtel call history of Airtel Sim. It will be mailed directly to your email. For this only you have to fill a message for which SmartPhone will not be required, you will be able to do this work from Keypad Phone also.

By following the following method, you will be able to see the Call Detail of any number of Airtel.

  • First of all, in your phone in which Airtel’s Sim is installed, whose Call Detail you have to know. Must have that phone.
  • After this open the message app of the phone.
  • After this type this message – “EPREBILL (the month for which Call details are required) (your email) You can understand better with this example. Like if I want Call Details for January then I will type – EPREBILL JAN
  • Then send this message to 121.
  • Call details will be sent to you through the mail.
Airtel Call Deatils

By adopting this easy method, you can get call details of anyone, so friends have come to know that how easy it is, so let us now know how to find out VI – Vodafone Idea Call Details.

VI – Vodafone Idea Call Details

After Vodafone Idea is one, an official website is used for both, and then both numbers, whether it is Vodafone or Idea, will be used in the same way.

For this you have to download VI App, you will get these details through Email, so you will have to add your Email from App itself, only then you will be able to get Details.

VI – To know Vodafone Idea Call Details, you have to follow the following methods.

  • First of all, you have to update your Email Id with your Mobile Number in the App.
    • Open VI App for Call Details
    • After this go to My Account.
  • Find out Call Details through Message.
    • You will have to send EBILL (month name) to 12345 from the same number for which Detail is required. Ex. – EBILL FEB send it to 12345.
  • Out of both the methods, you adopt any one method and after that Call Details will be sent to your mail. You will need a password to open it.
  • The password will be the first 2 letters of your name and the last 4 digits of your mobile number.

Call history of the mobile number

Apart from this, there is another method that you can use on your children’s phones, by putting any Tracker application, you can monitor your children, this method is a bit wrong, but you can use it on your children. Apart from the call history, you will be able to know more details about them, these are both free and paid. If you want to know more about this then comment on this post.

These are the 4 ways through which you can know your own or Call history on any number, so friends, if you know any other information other than the method mentioned, then do share with us, as well as if you have any questions regarding this post. He must also ask. Hope we have been able to explain to you correctly How to get the call history of any number.


how to get the call history of any number?

You will get the answer to this question by reading this post, we have told this only about the call details of Airtel, Jio and Vi – Vodafone Idea.

how to get call details of any number without OTP?

If you want to know the details of Jio, then you will have to be registered in My Jio App in advance, apart from this you will need Sim in Airtel Idea.

Is it possible to get the call history of any number?

It is absolutely possible but you will need the OTP of the front SIM, only then you will be able to do this, but you should do this only with the knowledge of the front and without OTP it is not possible to see the call history.

how to get call records of any number in India

In India, you will be able to know the call details only by the way I have told you, there is no other way by which you will be able to see the call details of anyone for free or easily because the call details of any person are personal information which is shared only by Telecom. The company has only what is not given to the common man.

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