How to Blogging on Fashion Niche 2023 [How to start a Blog on Fashion Niche]

How to Blogging on Fashion Niche in 2023 [How to start a Blog on Fashion Niche]
How to Blogging on Fashion Niche in 2023 [How to start a Blog on Fashion Niche]

Blogging on Fashion Niche 2023: What is fashion niche 2023? How to start a blog on Fashion Niche? How to do blogging on fashion niche? How to write content on fashion niche? how to find your niche in fashion? fashion blog niche ideas 2023 Will know in today’s important post.

How to Blogging on Fashion Niche in 2023 [How to start a Blog on Fashion Niche]

Do you doubt yourself that you cannot work on a niche in which you do not have specific knowledge, then do not worry, I have shared all the information from research to blogging with you here.

To make a career in blogging, it is necessary to choose the right blogging niche because blogging niche only gives you success.

One of the most important Niche in Blogging niches is Fashion. Fashion is a very big blogging niche, where you can earn quick money from blogging by working on its micro niches. How to start a blog on fashion niche? Told with research.

Let us know how to do blogging on fashion niche 2023 and make the fashion blog successful.

What is Fashion Niche? {fashion niche meaning}

You can write articles on any topic in blogging and the topics on which articles are written have different niches.

When you do blogging on things related to How to do Fashion and Wearing like clothes, pants, shirts, shoes, sunglasses, ear rings, then it is called blogging on fashion niche.

Fashion niche is very broad, here you get multiple choices where you can start blogging by selecting one.

If we talk about the mastermind of blogging, then he will start blogging on the micro niche of fashion and will make that blog successful very soon.

How to do research for blogging on fashion niche? (clothing fashion niche )

To work on any new niche, it is necessary to do research, without doing research, you can never get success in blogging.

It is necessary to have your interest to work on fashion niche 2023, if you have interest in this niche, then you can understand things very easily and will also be able to execute it.

Even if there is no interest, you will come to know after researching it. To research on fashion niche, one has to look at micro niche, keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, and user experience.

And after doing all this, to write a good article on fashion niche, you need dictionary and better information which you will understand in Fashion niche research.

Do research on Fashion Niche like this-

1- Blogging on Fashion Niche Keyword Research ( how to find your niche in fashion )

Keyword research is a very big factor to establish yourself in fashion blog niche ideas. It is necessary for all new bloggers to first target the fashion micro niche and fashion niche low competition keyword and write an article on it.

There are many tools to do fashion blog niche ideas keyword research, such as Ubersuggest, Semrush,, here you can also find the related keyword of a keyword.

You can also see the search volume of Keyword. semrush is not free but it provides you the option of doing ten searches daily, whereas ubersuggest only three.

Like you have to target top 10 t-shirts for men keyword, then search it in semrush, you will get all the details, now select that keyword whose keyword difficult and search volume are both low.

Now write articles on it, in the beginning you have to do the same as the number of articles increases, you write articles by targeting keywords with high KD and search volume.

2- Check competitor

Before working on fashion niche, find your competitor, for this, find the targeted keyword and search it in semrush, below you will find the link of the article of ranked sites.

Now analyze the article of top 5 sites one by one and keep in mind the keyword, title, headings used in it.

This will help you a lot, now think like that competitor and write a different and unique article in which the visitor is interested.

What is needed to start a Fashion Blog?

To start a fashion blog, you have to keep some important things ready so that it is easy for you to start the blog.

These things are often necessary to start blogging in all kinds of Niche, what is required for blogging in the fashion niche given below?

  1. Internet connection from a device to computer to mobile which is possible to work through this.
  2. To start a blog, a Unique Domain Name which you can buy from GoDaddy.
  3. To make your site on wordpress, you can go with a fast and reliable web hosting like Hostinger and Bluehost.
  4. And a simple WordPress theme like Generatepress or Rishi Theme to customize the site.

With the help of these few things, you will be able to start a better fashion blog on wordpress.

How to start a blog on fashion niche? [how to blog on fashion niche]

To start a blog on fashion niche, you have to create a blog and collect more information related to the niche, which you will publish in the form of articles.

For blogging on fashion niche, I have told step wise in a flow how you should take each step.

Step 1. Create and Setup Your Blog
Step 2. After selecting Niche find Micro Niche
Step 3. Write and publish the article
Step 4. Setup adsense for earning

Let’s know how to start a blog on fashion niche for 2023 and how to do blogging?

1- Create and Setup Your Blog

The most important thing is to create a blog means before starting blogging you need to create a blog. Some important things are needed to create a blog, below is explained about creating a blog.

Choose Blogging Platform: Simply choose a better platform for this like wordpress or blogger and create a blog on it. WordPress requires hosting and blogger gives the same for free, the only difference is the feature.

Buy Domain Name: To create a blog, buy a unique domain name from GoDaddy or any other domain provider and keep in mind that the domain is related to your blog niche.

Buy Hosting: If you have chosen WordPress platform to get better features, then web hosting will be required, you can buy it from any hosting provider, but I would recommend Hostinger.

Connect Domain to Hosting-

Connect hosting and domain together. If there is a wordpress blogger, then to setup the blog one has to register the domain in hosting.

If you do not know, how to connect Domain to Hosting, then read this post of mine by clicking on the post link.

Install WordPress in Hosting-

After doing all this, install WordPress in Hosting hostinger gives you the facility of 1-click installation, where you can easily install WordPress.

Read this seperate post of mine for complete details of WordPress installation-

After doing just this, your blog will be setup, now in further setup you will have to do theme installation and cuatomisation and implement some important things.

Install Theme

After creating and setting up the blog, install a better theme for the customization of the blog, such as Generatepress or Rishi theme.

Download Theme to install Theme. Then go to wordpress dashboard> Appearance> Themes. Find Add new here and install the Theme by clicking on Upload.

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Create Important Pages

After starting the blog, it is also necessary to create the necessary pages in the right way of blogging, which makes it easy to monetize the blog. These pages have been described as niche-

  1. About
  2. Contact
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Terms and Condition

2- Find Micro Niche after selecting Niche

After setting up the blog, you need to work on a niche which, today we are learning how to blog on fashion niche, so in this you will have to work by finding Micro niche.

Micro niche means some such things related to the same topic which are its parts and you can write articles for blogging on them.

Some Micro Niches Ideas on Fashion niche-

1. Cloths (Paints, shirts, t-shirts)
2. Jewelary
3. Men’s wear
4. Wemen’s wear
5. Watch
6. Sunglasses
7. Earings
8. Shoes (socks)

You can start blogging on any topic in micro niches, although here I told so many micro niches, there are many more such topics.

3- Write and publish articles

After selecting micro niches, it is necessary to write articles in the form of better and accurate information because both google and visitor like quality content.

Google only ranks unique articles, so that visitors come to your site and take information from it, from this the authority of your site is built and an audience base is also formed.

To write an article, you do research and write the article in a flow in the right way. After preparing the article, do SEO of the post, then publish it.

4- Setup Adsense for Earning

To earn money by blogging in fashion niche blogging ideas, you have not one but many other methods which you can implement and earn money.

By the way, Google Adsense is the main way to earn money by Blogging, same way you can earn money by Affiliate Marketing in Fashion niche.

Google Adsense

To earn money from Adsense, 20 to 25 articles will have to be published on the blog, some criteria will have to be completed for adsense approval, only then you will be eligible to monetize your site with adsense.

If you do not know what is Google Adsense and how to earn money from adsense, then read these articles of mine and get accurate information.

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Affiliate Marketing

Earning money from this method is used as extra income in blogging. To do affiliate marketing, one has to promote their products by joining the affiliate program of platforms like Amazon, flipkart.

If a person purchases a product from your promoted link, then you get his commission, which is called earning money from affiliate marketing.

Some questions related to fashion niche blogging and their answers-

What is a fashion blogger?

The things related to fashion that a blogger writes about as an article and publishes it on his blog are called fashion bloggers.

How to become a fashion blogger?

To become a fashion blogger, you have to collect information related to fashion and write it in the form of an article and share your experiences in it, this makes you a fashion blogger.

fashion blogging for beginners

For beginners to do blogging on fashion niche, first of all research should be done which things are needed by the people and what people want.

As soon as it is known, a beginner should publish it by preparing a post in article form. The new blogger has to understand that blogging on a micro topic of the niche should not be a multiple niche.

Which is the Best Platform to start a Fashion Blog?

Talking about the features, WordPress is a better option from where you can start a fashion blog and do a good job.

To start a WordPress blog, you have to purchase a hosting, and you can setup the blog in a few steps, as mentioned above.

blogging on fashion profitable (blogging profitable on fashion niche?)

The way people are getting dependent online today and people are buying products online, in such fashion niche will prove to be very profitable for you.

If you are targeting International blogging, it can give double benefit for you. At the same time, in India too, you will be able to make a substantial income from this.


How to do blogging on fashion niche 2023? I shared its information with you, in which you also got to know the research and blog setup related to fashion niche. Fashion is a broad niche, where you can make good income by working on micro niches.

If you like the information about How to start a blog on fashion niche in 2023 and How to do blogging on fashion niche 2023, then definitely share it with blogger friends.

If you have any question in your mind, in Fashion niche ideas 2023, then you can ask me by commenting or by personal contact.

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