27+ business ideas in One Lack: Which business to do in 1 lakh?

27+ business ideas in One Lack
27+ business ideas in One Lack

27+ business ideas in One Lack: The word business is a very common word that we hear every day. It’s not just about having a regular job or working for someone else. You can be your own boss and work on creating something you are passionate about! But if you’ve never started a business before, there are several things to consider.

27+ business ideas in One Lack

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our own business with low investment? Then this article is just for you.

There was a time when small businesses and small business owners were not given due recognition in India. People found it more attractive to shop at malls and expensive stores rather than in the local market.

Over the years, India has rectified its mistake by raising awareness for small businesses and encouraging people to support them. Today, the mall even has pop-up stands and weekend markets where small business owners can sell their products!

Currently, small businesses are an integral part of the Indian economy and contribute about 30% to the national GDP and 40% to the overall exports.

Still, many people who have an entrepreneurial spirit are hesitant to start a business, mainly because people think that setting up a business will cost them too much!

If you are one of those people, then this article is going to blow your mind and open your eyes to such business ideas that don’t take more than Which business to do in one lakh rupees.

Which business to do in 1 lakh?- 27+ business ideas in One Lack

The post given below will give some successful business ideas under Rs 1 lakh in India that you can start with little investment. Read more to know that 1 Lakh Me Konsa Business Kare?

1. Courier Business

Yes, courier business is one of the best small scale business ideas under 1 lakh rupees in India. This type of business requires only very little investment and even you can run this business from your home also providing delivery services like speed courier, DHL etc.

The good thing about this business is that it works anytime (24*7) and provides high profit margins if marketed well. Also companies always need good speed delivery service providers.

Unlike other online or offline businesses that rely on marketing or advertising for client acquisition, about 80% of customers will come to you without any effort on your part (no marketing required). But, a courier company cannot earn much in the initial period unless it builds a good rapport with the customers.

2. Computer Repair and Services Business: Business Idea in 1 Lakh

Computer or laptop repair and services business is one of the best small scale business ideas under Rs 100000 to start in India. Today almost every family has a computer (at least 1) and almost everyone has to face some kind of technical problem at least once in life. This makes computer/laptop repair business worth a try.

You can buy used computer/laptop from local market at cheap prices, then you can fix it yourself or hire someone for this purpose, after that you can open your shop on the streets or just Can rent a suitable place where people frequent.

Initially, starting this kind of business requires very little investment unless you are ready to buy new computers. For this type of business, you do not need any shop, even if you have a computer repair shop at home, you can still run it easily.

Since there is a huge demand for technology, people will always prefer an expert who can solve their problems rather than going to service centers where they have only one solution i.e. getting it repaired from outside companies.

3. Which business to do in 1 lakh: product photography business

Product photography business is one of the most preferred small scale business ideas under Rs 1 lakh in India as well as abroad because of its high ROI (return on investment) rate and low competition.

A product photography requires very little investment and is mostly used by companies for advertising purposes which also gives a good revenue margin.

Nowadays every online and offline company needs clear and attractive images of their products which can easily attract online buyers, that’s why almost every product or service based business needs good quality pictures/images to attract customers. is required.

If you are into photography (especially with digital cameras) then product photography is one of the best Small Scale Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh for you.

4. babysitting or day-care center

If you are calm, patient, and good with children, this business may be for you!

For working Indian parents, finding reliable day care can be challenging. If you think you can be that trustworthy person who takes care of their babies, you can offer your service as a babysitter.

However, if you own a day child care business, there is no need to worry. The demand for quality child care in India has seen an increase in recent years.

To start a high quality day care center, seek the guidance of local child care professionals and spend some time visiting other facilities in the area. Location also plays an important role in deciding which route to choose for your day care business.

You need to be trained and certified in child care. There are colleges that offer certification courses and a full diploma in child care. The cost of these courses starts from Rs.2,500/-.

Before you start a day child care business, it will be helpful if you are aware of all the things that go into running such facilities.

It’s best to start out as a babysitter, taking care of just one or two babies in the beginning. Once you have gathered some good reviews and start feeling comfortable with childcare, you can open a daycare service from the comfort of your home!

5. Car Wash & Service Center: Which business to do in 100000

Car wash and service center is one of the best small scale business ideas under Rs 100000 in India with minimum investment required and high profit margin.

This type of small scale business idea requires less investment and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24*7). Start this type of business in a prime location where you will get enough traffic and then maintain it well.

By doing such small scale trading you will get heaps of money in return. To start such small business just Rs 5000/- can be used to buy good shampoo for car wash and Rs 100000/- to rent a suitable place.

6. Mobile Repairing Business: Business Idea in one lak

Mobile repairing is one of the best small scale business ideas under 1 lakh rupees in India to start with very little investment. The mobile phone industry has been growing rapidly since last few years which makes mobile repair an important factor nowadays.

Almost every family has a mobile phone but there are many people who do not know how to repair it. They throw their mobile in the dustbin and buy a new one. Now here comes your opportunity to start this small scale business idea which requires very less investment and will yield good returns.

7. Pet Care Center Business under in one lak

Pet Care Center is one of the best Small Scale Business Ideas Under Rs 100,000 in India and demands high returns in short term with less effort and time requirement. This pet care business can be started at your home by purchasing basic equipment like cage, shampoo, bath kit, brush, medicines etc.

You can open your own pet care center by advertising on social media or hire a maid who will take care of these pets when you are not around. It is very beneficial if you have more pets like cats and dogs.

8. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business Idea

Dry cleaning is one of the best small scale business ideas under Rs 100000 in India which requires less investment, less effort and working capital to start. It is not necessary that you need a lot of money to open a dry cleaning shop or laundry shop. To start such small scale business idea only more than Rs 10000/- is required and experience is also not required.

If you are good at laundry then invest some money on buying irons, starches, coat hangers, bags etc and hire some experienced staff who can do these things for you faster.

After hiring a few workers, register your business with the trade license office and then advertise your business online by posting offline ads on local classified websites and in local newspapers, magazines, etc.

9. Home Gardening Business Under 1 Lak

Home Gardening is one of the best small scale business ideas under Rs 100,000 in India where you can start this type of business with low investment and huge returns. If you have interest in gardening then home gardening will be a better option for you as it requires more time than any other small scale business idea.

Get some basic equipment like seeds, plants, fertilizers, sprayers and garden tools and start such small scale business ideas from your home or by renting a suitable place to start your home garden business.

Just plant a few plants and different varieties of trees and watch your plants grow into full size plants within a few months.

You can sell them to local florists at high prices or on an online portal that deals in plant sales.

10. Pet Grooming Business: business idea below 1 lakh

Pet grooming is one of the best small scale business ideas under 1 lakh rupees in India where you need less investment, less effort and time to start.

To start such small scale business ideas pet grooming requires very little space, where basic equipment like shampoo, bath kit along with advertising and marketing strategies to attract more customers , brush, medicine etc. is required.

The customers who usually look for pet grooming services are women as they tend to take better care of pets than men so be careful about this when planning your business strategy. If you invest a little money to open a simple salon, you can add pet grooming service to your list of services.

As mentioned earlier, if you have skill and talent in any profession that requires low investment and demands high returns then this is a business idea worth investing in.

You can choose any one of the above given small scale business ideas in India under Rs 100000 to start from home without any planning, advertising and marketing efforts as all these small scale business start up are self sufficient That is, they require less investment, less effort and working capital.

11. Sell Handmade Products

The market for home products has grown manifold during the lockdown alone. These products include handmade soaps, handmade candles, home decor items, paintings, carvings, etc.

You can leverage pretty much any of your skills and make homemade products for your business. They are very easy to acquire even if you don’t have the skills.

To set up this business, you will invest only on raw material and packaging material.

12. Be a Florist

Another skill-based business that is easy to start and run. Being a florist is a treat for your senses and your pocket as it comes with a huge profit margin.

You will have to hire people to deliver flowers from the market, which you can also do yourself, but you will need a delivery truck to bring flowers in large quantities.

When you are starting out, it will be easier for you to hire a delivery service to bring you the flowers and you will have to pay for the flowers as well. Organizing them together beautifully is entirely up to your skill.

13. Start a Baking Business

Baking is another small business idea that grew tremendously during the lockdown. People always wait for the occasion to celebrate and the celebration is incomplete without a cake!

If you have good culinary skills, you can start accepting a smaller number of orders, perhaps for pound cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

As the business grows, you can take orders to bake cakes for events and parties. To set up this business, the only major investment would be a good oven and then the baking ingredients.

14. Sell Embroidery and Crochet Work

Unlike your regular sewing, which is also a great business idea, embroidery work or crochet work is a special version of sewing. You will need to practice a lot to acquire and perfect that skill.

There are many embroideries for beginners courses that you can browse through and choose from based on your level of expertise.

The work of both embroidery and crochet is no longer exclusive to the garment. You can use embroidery and crochet work to create home decor pieces, customized gifts, and more.

Setting up this business requires your skill, your creativity, your ability to come up with unique and trendy designs and lots of colorful threads, needles and other supplies.

15. Start a Boutique

Boutique refers to stores that create unique, made-to-fit clothing that is one-of-a-kind. People who don’t like mass-produced fast fashion goods prefer to shop in boutiques.

If you are a skilled tailor and have a keen eye for fashion, then starting an online boutique would be great for you.

You will need a fully functioning sewing machine and a supply of thread, needles, scissors, etc. You will also need staff to sew clothes, but it should be your responsibility to design the garment.

16. Conduct dance, music or art classes

As Indians, we all are really proud of our culture and we always want to pass it on to the next generation as well. And the best way to do it is through art, music and dance.

Now is the time to harness those skills and make money from them. Most of the time, you can start these classes from home. You may need to rent a studio as your number of students increases.

However, it doesn’t have to invest a lot to start a dance, music or art class. Whether you’re investing in a good music system for a dance class or an art supply for your art class.

17. Start Online Tuition Services

A technical and narrower version of a dance or art class, but tutoring has always been one of a kind after the business. Frankly, there are not enough tutors for the amount of students.

If you are a subject matter expert in your field of study and passionate about teaching, online tutoring is a business that is easy to set up, a truly profitable business that seems fulfilling too!

To start this business, you will need a laptop, a good quality video camera for calls and stable internet connection.

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18. Be a Health and Fitness Coach

More and more people are trying to move towards a healthy life, this is the best time to use their skills and earn some money from it.

Even though people want to be fit and healthy, many times they do not understand where to start and what to do. That’s where you can come in with your knowledge and experience in health and fitness.

To start health and fitness coaching as a business, you will need a website where you showcase your skills and educate people about how they will benefit from hiring you as their coach.

19. Start House Cleaning Services

Another service that makes people’s lives easier is to clean and organize their homes.

We all want to keep our homes neat and clean, not just for looks, but also to make life a little easier. However, leading a fast-paced life does not give time to people to keep their home in order.

If you offer to be Marie Kondo in their life, your services will be welcomed with open arms. To set up a house cleaning service, you will need some staff and household cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, wipes and brooms, etc.

20. Drive a Food Truck

Unlike a restaurant, which comes with huge overhead costs, food trucks are very easy to set up and cost less.

Food truck business is the newest trend in the food world which is welcomed by both customers and business owners. The business can be set up anywhere, and it is completely scalable.

You can ask people to come to your food truck or arrange for a delivery service to get the food delivered at their doorstep.

Have a food truck but don’t know what kind of food you want to sell? Here are 57 food business ideas just for you.

21. Start a Juice Shop

Easiest business ever to set up. No skill is required to open a juice shop. All you need is lots of fresh fruit and a good blender that can juice the fruits.

Setting up a juice shop can prove to be highly profitable, given that the raw material is nothing but fresh fruits. You will need to invest in some good blender, sweetener and juice glasses.

You can also offer to have juice delivered to the door, in which case you’ll need to invest in disposable and spill-proof containers for the juice.

22. Provide Content Writing Services

Content writing is indeed a demanding skill. If you have experience in content writing, then you can offer your services on a freelance basis.

Content writing comes in many forms, such as website content, corporate blogs, SEO content, ad copies and more. Businesses will need these services on a regular basis, and it will be easier for them to hire a writer for these tasks.

Setting up this business requires a laptop, a stable internet connection and your writing skills. This low investment business idea is already done by many people and the success rate is very good.

23. Provide Web Development Service

Web development and website designing is a very technical skill that very few people possess, and it is also a very demanding skill.

Today, a business is worth nothing if it doesn’t have a fully functional website representing it. People search for businesses through search engines more than anywhere else.

If you have the technical skills to design and develop a website, you can open a web development agency and provide your services to the people.

To set up a web development business, you will need a laptop, stable internet connection and your skills. As the business grows, you will need a few employees to share the work.

24. Interior Decoration Service

Another great small business idea with less investment and it requires your skill and creativity. Diploma or Degree in Interior Design is preferable.

You can start small by designing and decorating for your friends and acquaintances. In the beginning, it will help you learn and grow. You can also collect their reviews and build your portfolio.

Build a website for your business, build your portfolio, and add these reviews to give your business a professional look, and soon, you’ll have clients vying for your services.

25. Become a Real Estate Agent

If you are a people and do not feel like roaming in your locality, then talk to the owners of the house, then this business is best for you.

Real estate agents act as a middleman between a home or property owner and a client who wants to rent or buy a property. They are in charge of talking about the property, showing the property to clients, negotiating the price, and closing the deal.

Their payment usually comes in the form of commission, which is a percentage of the agreed upon purchase price or rent of the property.

To set up this business, you’ll need a professional website, tie-ups with houses and landlords in your chosen area, a vehicle, and perhaps an employee.

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26. Start a T-shirt Printing Business

Printed T-shirts are very quirky and trendy. People prefer printed t-shirts as there is a lot of room for customization. You can wear your mood, your personality and your attitude.

This also makes it a highly profitable business idea. You can offer Custom Print T-Shirts based on the requirements of your clients. It can be a graphic, a cartoon, a quote or just an emoji.

Even a heavy duty t-shirt printing machine will cost you less than Rs 50,000/- and you will need a laptop to design the print.

27. Start a Thrifted Book Store

Thrift books are pre-use books or pre-owned books. Once people have read a book, they usually ruin it.

You can encourage people to donate their old books instead. All you have to do is clean the books, sanitize them and then put them up for sale.

Of course, you cannot sell the books at their retail price, but you can keep it for half the price, still, you will make a good profit.

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